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Introduced in 2012, PRIME ESSENCE GOLD is a new product line from PRIME PRODUCTS USA, INC., based in Delaware - HOME of NO SALES TAX!

Doing business more than 10 years, Prime Products has become an industry leader in the manufacture/distribution of high-quality multi-purpose oils via state contracts. Over the years, we have received many requests from the public sector to purchase our oils. We listened...and we researched.

Now available through PRIME ESSENCE GOLD, individuals throughout the nation can order from a broad selection of multi-purpose oils. These oils were developed using a specific formula providing consistent long-lasting aromas.

Made in USA:   To Order, Call 302-528-3866

Made in the USA, our oils DO NOT contain any alcohol or animal by-products. On-going rigorous quality control and production standards are overseen on a constant basis.

Convenient Spray or Compact no spray bottles

One-ounce aluminum/plastic bottles feature state-of-the-art airless pumps with pull- off caps (DO NOT UNSCREW)...push down lever to spray (suggested use: spray on hands, then apply to body). Each one-ounce bottle of rich, mult-purpose fragrance oil should last for more then 100 applications.

We recognize that our knowledgeable customers insist on quality and consistency. WE DO TOO!


Introducing choices in the Prime Product line-up. Featuring alternative compact packaging and compact pricing. Same quality . . . Same quantity!
The clear no-spray, shrink-wrapped plastic bottle makes the difference!

We look forward to serving you.

Spiritual fragrances with fantastic aroma
Juan inspects perfume oil levels - See our distribution center

Fragrant body oil
Fragrance oils please everyone
Spiritual fragrances with fantastic aroma Scented Oils available throughout the USA & Worldwide!

Scented oils Compact Scented Oils

Body Oils for Today's World used for:

Traditional Religious Services

Spiritual Comfort

Healing Properties

Stress Relaxation

Mood Easers

Emotional Well-being

Personal Body-Scent Enhancement

Lovely Lingering Scents for Surroundings

We Ship Worldwide

Within USA: USPS Priority - $6 up to 6 bottles

International: USPS First Class - $20.00 up to 6 bottles

Ordering more then 6 bottles, see rates.

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All orders are custom processed, and will be
shipped within 3 to 7 business days.

Anointing the body
Spray one puff of Perfume oils onto hand,
then apply the aroma oil to your body.